ear acupuncture

Auriculotherapy is a medical treatment in which specific points on the ear are stimulated in order to treat a wide variety of conditions.

It is an efficient, non-harmful and virtually painless treatment method, which can be used independently or as a complement to any other treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be my GP?

In my practice I mainly treat chronic complaints and only work by appointment. I do not replace your general practitioner, but work closely with specialists and GPs.

Can I claim back the cost of a consultation from my health insurance?

Yes, but only partially. Certain health insurances offer extended coverage for complementary medicine. Contact your health insurance provider.

Can you do a blood test?

Certainly. A blood test may be necessary for an accurate diagnosis, as might a referral for further examinations.

Are you an 'alternative healer'?

No, in my practice there is no place for charlatanism. I am a medical doctor first with a specialisation in complementary medicines like auriculotherapy. I aim for a responsible approach with a maximum result and minimal side effects.

How long does a consultation take?

A consultation takes about half an hour and is only by appointment.

Do I need to bring something to the consultation?

Bring as much information along as you can: list of medication, results of previous examinations,… You can also email them to me.

Do you prescribe conventional medication?

Yes, I also prescribe conventional medication if necessary, although I prefer to start with alternative medication like homeopathy, phytotherapy and nutritional supplements. A combination is equally possible.

Do I have to believe in your treatment for it to work?

No, the techniques I use have proven to be successful in practice. More and more international studies show that auriculotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture and phytotherapy deserve their place in the treatment of a number of medical problems.

Is the answer to your question not in this list or do you have a particular question, contact me by means of the contactform.