Auriculotherapy in practice

What does a consultation look like ?

Count on half an hour for an interview, examination and treatment. During the conversation, the complaints and possible causes are assessed. A thorough examination is then carried out: among other things, an electrical device is used to determine which points on the ear need to be treated.
For the actual treatment, the patient lies down and the doctor sits on a stool at the head end. You can choose one of the following treatment methods:

Semi-permanent needles

Semi-permanent needles (ASP) that remain on the ear during a number of days or even a few weeks.


The points on the ear are treated with cold to obtain a comparable effect.


The points are treated in a painless manner with short electrical pulses for 30 seconds.

Acupuncture needles

The acupuncture needles stay on the ear during the consultation for 10 to 30 minutes.

What happens after treatment?

What do I pay attention to?
No specific precautions have to be taken into consideration. Semi-permanent needles will stay in place as long as they have a therapeutic effect. The patient will loose these needles one by one, mostly without noticing it. In the case of cryotherapy, often a little crust is formed that will fall off after a certain time.
How long do I have to carry these needles?
The needles (ASP) stay in place as long as they have a therapeutic effect, in general between 3 and 30 days. They will fall out spontaneously one after the other.
Does it hurt
The treatment is well tolerated, even for babies, children and adults with a sensitive skin. A mild but very short feeling of pain directly after treatment is possible.
Are there any unwanted effects?
When applying cryotherapy, sometimes a little ‘crust’ is formed on some of the treated points. A slight change of color is also possible, but this is only temporary.
Can I take a shower
Yes, taking a bath and washing your hair is also allowed. But try to avoid scrubbing your ears and wearing earrings or piercings.
When can I expect a result
The effect of the treatment can be immediate, in some cases you have to be a bit patient. This is mainly the case with patients who take certain types of medication that can slow down the effect of auriculotherapy.
How many treatments are necessary?
That depends on the problem. Mostly 3 sessions are required. The time between treatments varies between a couple of weeks to some months. Chronic conditions require adapted therapy schemes.


Auriculotherapy is very efficient and generally works fast.

Auriculotherapy is economic and ecologic.

No side effects and nearly painless.

Reduces medication to a minimum.